Busy day, busy night

I’ve made good progress on what I should be working on today and I feel good about that, but I can’t rest on my laurels this evening, the way that I did yesterday. I’ve got a lot to do. I fly up to New York City tomorrow afternoon. So I have laundry to do. I have some general cleaning up to do. I have to finish reading through the revisions of a story. I have plane tickets to print out. I have lunches to make. Oh, and I’d like to try and actually watch the new episode of Smallville tonight live, rather than on TiVo. I still have to finish reading “Sanctuary”, finish up volume 1, issue 2 of SCIENCE FICTION AGE, and finish reading The Engines of God. Plus there’s work on the new story, too.

As strausmouse would say, “Oh dear…”


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