Tearing it up!

Today was a busy day. I’d been out of the office for two days and I had a lot to catch up on. Forget all of the email that had piled up in my inbox. There was really work to be done. Well, I did it. I was tearing it up today, working like a madman, fixing this thing here, tweaking that thing there. I work fast and furiously, I kept my office door shut all day (something I do on only the rarest of occasions) and I worked worked worked. I worked though lunch! I worked through meetings! I sent 37 email messages while doing all of this!

But I am caught up! Things are in good shape. And I’m even going to skip on out of here a little early, seeing as how I missed my lunch today, and just veg when I get home. My workout tomorrow isn’t until the afternoon, meaning I can sleep in until 5:30! Maybe put another 50 pages of The Engines of God behind me.


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