The pregnancy dream

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant and I already have a good idea as to why I had the dream. I don’t buy into dream analysis of any kind, as I’ve said in the past. To me, dreams are triggered by a function in the brain that commits short term memory to long term memory. Just before going to bed last night I was reading Son of Man and wrapped up with a scene in which a human descendant, billions of years in the future can change genders at will, literally alter their physical appearance and internal body structure and chemistry and switch from male to female and vice versa. I am almost certain that is was triggered my dream.

Regardless, it was a stressful dream. I kept wondering how it was possible that I was pregnant. I was “due” the next day and people kept telling me how painful it was going to be. (Jerks!) All I wanted to do was play softball. At one point, I woke up from the dream (relieved), went back to sleep only to have the dream continue from where it left off.

For any of you out there who think that this dream reflects some kind of wish on my part, you are wrong. I have never wanted kids of my own because I never thought I would be a good enough parent. (I am honest about my own faults, even if other people don’t see them, one of which is that I am too selfish to have kids. Maybe someday I will change my mind, but I haven’t yet in nearly 35 years.) Yes, when I see friends or family with kids, I think, “Gee!” But it is just a passing fancy and that’s all.

This dream really annoyed me. It intruded upon what was otherwise a very decent night’s sleep.


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