I received word this morning that my flight from Dulles to Munich, Germany on July 2 (on my way to Venice to begin my big summer vacation) was confirmed for the upgrade I requested! That’s good news because the flight is just over 8 hours long and I did not want to be couped up in coach for 8 hours.

The aircraft is a 777 which means there are 3 classes, so my upgrade got me into Business Class. But my experience has been that Business Class ona 3-class airplane is much better than First Class on a two-class airplane. In any event, it means better food, better seats, more leg room, more space to stretch out and sleep and it only cost me 30,000 frequent flyer miles, which I had more than enough of anyway.

My whole vacation has been planned so as to be “first class” and now my first ever international flight will be (almost) first class as well.


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