NEW STORY: “4005 B.C.”

Spurred on today’s rejection slip from ANALOG, and by encouraging words from mabfan, I completed the first draft of a new story today. The story is called “4005 B.C.” and it’s a short time travel paradox story, with a twist in that the paradox has little to do with time travel and everything to do with human nature. As it stands, the story is 2,300 words long, which is about 300 words longer than I wanted it to be. (I’d written most of it on Monday, and the last 600 words this evening.) Tomorrow, I’ll go through it again, and see what I can cut so that it gets as close to 2,000 words as I can make it. This will be a good test of what I learned from working with the editor of INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW.

Aside from this story, I still have 3 other stories in various stages of progress. I’ll probably switch back to the other time travel story that I am working on and get that one finished up next.

Once I have “4005 B.C.” in final draft, I’m sending it to F&SF first, because (a) this story does not really feel like an ANALOG story (although I may be a bad judge of that) and (b) John Joseph Adams has a record response time at F&SF and so even if it does get rejected there, I’ll have it back in my hands within 10 days and then can send it off to ANALOG.


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