The talking Zeke dream

I have had dreams about my cat, Zeke (short for Ezekiel) in the past, but never one in which he could talk. Until last night. The dream was odd for several reasons. Aside from the fact that Zeke could talk in plain, clear English, it took place on the floor of my reading room, which is just outside my bedroom. Normally, when I have dreams about places I am familiar with, the places are strangely different, but this time, it was not. It was a perfect replica of the way the room really is.

Zeke was sitting on the floor, and in his voice (I don’t remember seeing his jaws move, just being able to hear his words), he was telling me how he had just finished up his taxes, or reviewing his finances, or something like that, and that his net worth had fallen this year down to $4 million. It was a shock to me, because I had no idea he had that much money. I remember thinking: so that’s what he must do during the day while I am gone! It was the kind of thing that would have made me laugh if it wasn’t so oddly realistic.

I’m certain that the dream was triggered by the fact that I had read Harlan Ellison’s wonderful essay “Toiling in the Dreamtime” just before going to sleep last night. Still, it was one of the more bizarre dreams I’ve had in quite some time.


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