Back in the driveway!

When I got home from work this evening, the warm, 50 degree weather had melted enough of the ice in front of the driveway that I was actually able to park my car in the driveway tonight for the first time in almost one week!

I finished SF AGE Volume 1, Issue 6, which completes the first full year of the magazine. I’ll be posting my thoughts later this evening.

Got my Amtrak GuestRewards Select membership kit for 2007 in the mail today. I number of free first class upgrades and free use of Club Acela. Ironically, it’s been so much cheaper to fly to NYC than to take the train that I’ve flown the last three times I’ve gone, so who knows if I’ll ever even get to use these benefits. Also got the latest issue of AOPA Pilot in the mail.

I’m going to relax for a while. I’ve got Heroes, Studio 60 and 24 TiVo’d and I’ll probably watch those. Then I’ve got the final draft of “The Folly of Man” to complete as well.


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