Over the hump

Lunch time on Wednesdays are often my favorite because it is during lunch on Wednesday that we crest the hill that is the work week, and begin our slide down the downhill side. I’ve always been confused about the exact moment that the week is half over. Here is how I break it down. There are 40 hours in my work week. That means after 20 hours have passed, I have worked half of my week.

It so happens that 20 hours ends at noon on Wednesday. But the second 20 hours don’t start until 1 PM. So there is an hour long gap. If we split the gap into two equal parts, then we say that anything before 12:30 is uphill and anything after is downhill.

Since it is now 12:32, I have gone over the hump and I’m on the downhill side. And even though I’ve got a lot left to do before the week is over, I always feel a little better on the downhill side.


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