Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…

Nostalgic mood that I’ve been in all day, I just went through my diaries to see what it was I was doing on March 3 in years past. You can read some of the results below for yourself. The stuff in brackets is context I am providing so that you can understand what I am talking about in the diary entry.

Ten years ago: Monday, March 3, 1997


Back to work. We had a videoconference meeting with Washington today. Trink told me that I’d get her desk next week since she would be out at class. The rest of the work day was busy doing work-stuff. Between all the tasks that I’m juggling, I felt rather torn, and worn out by the day’s end.

Calculus tonight was a very brief review for the test on Wednesday and then onward!–to new topics. One good thing–the professor didn’t collect the homework–good because mine wasn’t done yet.

Nine years ago: Tuesday, March 3, 1998

[Since 1996, I haven’t used Quicken or Microsoft Money, or those types of programs to manage my finances. I wrote my own software. It evolved out of the need for us to plan how best to spend Tawnya’s student loan money when she was getting her Master’s degree. It just kept evolving. Since it modeled every single transaction we made, projecting them as far into the future as we wanted, I took to calling the software program, “The Model”. One of the things about having a diary is that things that I would swear I never did I find in cold print, completely forgotten. I would swear that I never attempted any serious cooking, but as my diary shows, I would be wrong. I have absolutely no memory of this.]

Another sick day. Just felt like I needed one more day to try and rid myself of some stress. Tawnya took me to lunch at Chili’s and when we got back, I spent the whole day on “the model”. I’ve made spectacular progress. All of the objects are done and complete. Now I’m working on the model process itself.

I did take a short break to sit on the porch for about 1/2 an hour reading.

When Tawnya went to the gym this evening, I made lasagna for her because it sounded like she was really craving it. She seemed to enjoy it and that made me happy.

Now (8:40 PM) I’ve showered and I’m ready for bed. I’m 118 pages through Foundation’s Edge and I’m going to try relaxing myself to sleep by reading some more. And I am going in to work tomorrow.

Eight years ago: Wednesday, March 3, 1999

[At this time, I had gotten into the habit of writing occasional letters to the Letter to the Editor columns of the science fiction magazines I read. I’d already had a letter published in Science Fiction Age and was about to discover another one that was published.]

Well that least letter I wrote to SF Age (about Bruce Boston’s poem) was published in the May 1999 issue of SF Age–my second letter in that magazine. What’s more, Barry Malzberg has a story in SF Age this time, so I’m published in the same issue as he–pretty cool if you ask me.

Work was pretty slow today, although I did work with Kent and Pam for a few hours, showing them how to set up NT Servers with hardware controlled RAID.

Discovered that Foundation’s Triumph, the third book in the Second Foundation Series is coming out in March (I had read it was going to be July). I ordered it (at 30% off) through Barnes & Noble.com and it should be shipped on the 19th.

I’m avoiding TV tonight in particular because the Monica Lewinski interview is on Barbara Walters. I’m going to try and finish Overlay.

Tawnya’s internship supervisor, Gene, is leaving for another job and this has got Tawnya mad and stressed. Still, things should work out and she should still get the supervision and hours that she needs.

Seven years ago: Friday, March 3, 2000


4:50 PM. Just back from flying. It is overcast today with some showers in between here and there. Did performance takeoffs and landings at Whiteman and Van Nuys–a total of 10. Four go-arounds (all attempted slips to a landing) a couple of short-field, a soft-field, and a no-flaps landing. The key is to hit and maintain that 65-knot approach speed. Overall, I did pretty good.

Busy day at work this morning. Beth and I went over all the projects and tried to ID where we were over-committed. I met with Eric to talk about it. He is going to take it up with Ron.

Tawnya and I may go out to dinner tonight. I am craving one of the burgers from the Claim Jumper. Paid my First USA bill today as well.

Jaeik gave his notice today. Not sure when he will be leaving, but it’s not unexpected.

9:15. Just back from the Claim Jumper. There was a spectacular thunderstorm passing through as we drove home. Hopefully, it will die out by tomorrow afternoon so I can get some more flying in. Getting into bed and reading more of Is Anyone There?

Six years ago: Saturday, March 3, 2001

[My Grandpa had a heart attack and major heart surgery in October/November 2000. For a while, he was touch and go, and when the doctors couldn’t reach me, they called my Uncle David, who volunteered to be the backup. Unfortunately, when they called, his was worse liquor and refused to answer the phone. The next day, I nearly got into a fight with him and it took me a long, long time to forgive him. Once Grandpa recovered, he could no longer live by himself and so he moved out to California and lived with my parents.]

Up at about 9 AM and got right to work sweeping and mopping all of the floors. Then I sat down for a while and cracked open Childhood’s End and managed to get through 2 dozen pages or so before Grandpa arrived.

Mom and Dad brought Grandpa over at about 11:15 AM. They left for Jennifer’s track meet. Grandpa, Tawnya, and I sat around talking for an hour or so before we headed to Marie Callendars for lunch (Grandpa’s treat!) When we got back, Grandpa and I sat out on the porch for an hour and a half, chatting (Tawnya was inside reading). It was great. I took him back to Mom and Dad’s at about 3:30 and on the way, told him about what happened with Uncle David the night of his surgery.

I stayed at Mom and Dad’s for about an hour and then headed back home. Tawnya was out late with Tammy. I wrote some more of the story I started yesterday, “The Visit” and it has grown to about 1,600 words. I think I can contain it to not more than 3,000. It’s a good story, I think. I like it.

Going to get into bed and read more of Childhood’s End.

Last year on this day, I was in Las Vegas! I wonder what I will be doing one year from today?


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