I got involved in my spring cleaning and lost track of time. Out of one small closet I have already tossed 4 large bags of stuff that probably should have been tossed years ago, but some things you just hold on to until you’re ready to get rid of it. Lots of pictures that I never looked at (and will never look at again–thank science for digital cameras!) but a small stack of photos that I held onto because I liked them, or thought other people would enjoy them.

I also got a call from work to help out troubleshooting a problem with the software they are rolling out this weekend. I ended up on the phone for over an hour but I did figure out what was causing the problem (but not why).

All of this put me far behind where I should be in my day and for that reason, my meals were off and so I decided a little while ago to skip the gym today and to go instead tomorrow, which is normally my free day.

Made several phone calls this afternoon. I talked to jen_ashlock, strausmouse, and left messages for AJ, Michelle, and Brittany and Meagan. No mail of interest.


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