The Cleveland Crew: Part Deux

Okay, I simply cannot resist posting here what strausmouse wrote in my year book because when I read it just now for the first time in 17 years, it had me laughing so hard I was nearly in tears. So, without further preface or delay, here’s what Eric had to say:

There once was this guy
Jamie was his name
He met some dude named Eric
And never was the same.
They were too busy writing stories
To pay attention in class
So when they got “C”‘s
Their parents kicked their ass
But that was only part of the fun
That those two guys shared
Like on the beach basking in the sun
Or making Rhonda scared
Heavy metal became the best music
But no one else liked it
So in that respect they were normal
(That is, the two guys who liked it)
The Aerosmith concert was pretty awesome
Um, remember when you brush your teeth
Afterwards, floss ’em
Uh, er, Ms. Cohen was a drag
That we all know
But the little kid in me
Thinks the taste steals the show
Uh, oh boy (I’m reaching here)
Well, it’s been a great year
Full of laughter and even some fear (?)
(Help) Uh, er, well Metallica is cool
Don’t fall in a pool
You bloody fool
Get Tawnya in the sack, er, man
Always remember *

So the last words of the last line are written in a language that Eric and I learned playing Ultima and used it for writing in code. When I read this today, it took me only five seconds to recall how to read it and it is very funny, but I’ll leave it to Eric to decide if he wants to reveal what it says.


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