The Cleveland Crew: Then and Now

I came across my high school year book while doing my spring cleaning. It’s one of the things that I decided not to get rid of and, in fact, I got side-tracked skimming through it, reading what people wrote and looking at pictures. Hilarious pictures. Riotous pictures. Keep in mind, this was nearly 17 years ago. The great thing is that I am still very good friends with most of the people that I was friends with back then. And because I fear you won’t believe just how funny some of the pictures are, I’ve arranged for you to see a Then and Now of the Cleveland crew. Keep in mind that I photographed these from my yearbook and some of the pictures are fuzzy. And to be fair, I’ll start with myself.

Then Now

Andy Andy Now
Eric strausmouse
Lisa kruppenheimer
Norm vickyandnorm

In going through the yearbook, I was reminded that Doug was a sophomore at Cleveland while I was a senior. I had forgotten about that. But this picture reminded me:

(Who is that second from the right?)

Okay, I suppose I should get back to my spring cleaning. I need to get something done before I head off to the gym in a few hours.


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