Spring cleaning, part 1

Okay, so technically, we are still several weeks from spring, but I woke up this morning feeling like a wanted to make a substantial dent in some spring cleaning that have been putting off for a few years now. I have a closet full of stuff in the guest room that is just waiting for someone to pour through it and get rid of anything that I don’t use anymore. I get into these moods every once in a while. It’s an interesting mood because I completely shut off any sentimentality that I might have for the objects I am getting rid of. It might be something I have kept for years simply because it reminds me of something. But in one whimsical day like today: gone. We’ll see how it goes, how much I actually get rid of, and how much I cave on.

I got home from happy hour at about midnight last night. There was a package from FedEx waiting for me. Our season tickets to the Orioles had arrived! They didn’t come in the big fancy folders that they have come in in the past. Instead, each set came in a ticket book, kind of like the books that raffle tickets come in. At first glance, it looks like I’ll be able to make 11 of the 13 games that I have tickets for.

I’ve been listening to my 80s box set since last night. I don’t listen to it straight through very much (141 80s songs!) but it’s been fun to revisit that era this morning.

It hit 62 degrees here yesterday and it looks like it might get close to the same today. The sky was a deep blue when I headed out for breakfast this morning, but it’s smooth blueness has been interrupted by an occasional white cloud. Still, it’s a nice change of pace after so much cold weather.


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