Seven hours later…

It’s 2:40 AM and I’ve already gotten 7 hours of sleep, which is a bit weird. I actually slept okay for the most part. But when I woke up a little while ago, I as feverish again so I just took another shot of NyQuil, which should last me until about 8:30 when I have to get up anyway (Zeke has a 9 AM appointment with the vet for his shots). What’s unusual about this “cold” so far is that while I’ve had the fever and a slight cough, I’ve had no sore throat, no runny nose or nasal congestion or anything like that. Some achy muscles, yes, but no sneezing or sinus problems. I’m hoping, therefore, that I burn through this fever pretty quickly and that I’ll be in good condition by Saturday morning.

I forgot to mention earlier that I picked up my cleaned and pressed suits from the cleaners on the way home from work. I also was supposed to call my new accountant but ran out of time so I will call her today so that we can discuss preliminaries. I’ve got a busy day today. Zeke has his vet appointment, I need to get a haircut, do some laundry, call the accountant, pack for the weekend, clean up the house a bit, put gas in the car. My flight to NY is at 5:40 PM so I need to head out to Dulles not later than about 3 PM.


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