To-do list

Things that I need to get done before I head off to the airport. (Incidentally, since it’s a Wednesday and I don’t anticipate much traffic, I am experimenting with arriving at the airport so as I get to the gate with 30 minutes or less to wait before boarding the plane. I have this down to a science at BWI, but I’m leaving out of Dulles so I don’t have the timing down yet.)

  • Order wedding gifts
  • Get cash for trip
  • Confirm car pickup
  • Pay outstanding bills
  • Photocopy last year’s tax return
  • Mail tax papers to tax preparer
  • Shower/shave
  • Finish packing
  • Pack iPod, phone, camera chargers
  • Food and water for Zeke
  • Turn heat down
  • Print itineraries
  • Pack WDW will-call confirmation
  • Take out trash
  • Gas up car

There are probably one or two things I am forgetting at the moment, but I think that’s it. I could probably use a slight haircut or trim, but I could do that in Orlando if I find it to be totally necessary.


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