And now for a brief Jamie’s blog interlude

Good Morning, Jamie fans! This is Lisa, alternately known here as kruppenheimer who says she doesn’t get mentioned enough in this blog (I wish I knew how to make my name do that linky thing Jamie always does to his friends, but I’m a livejournal novice … Sorry.). So, here we are at Disneyworld, and your boy Jamie is downstairs at the gym, so I’m guest-blogging.

It is ridiculously early for Jamie to be at the gym. It is ridiculously early for most anything, really… especially when your body is on west coast time like mine. The Heavenly beds here at the Dolphin by Starwood are indeed heavenly, and yet I didn’t sleep all that well, perhaps in anticipation of the day ahead. So I’m up. And slightly bitter about it.

Anyway, a brief summary of yesterday. Jamie will blog later to tell you all about his airport misadventures which, to make a long story short, got him in to Orlando 15 minutes before me instead of the planned 90 minutes. My trip from LA was uneventful, thanks for asking. Upon arriving at baggage claim and finding Jamie, we (read: he) quickly decided a drink was in order while we prayed upon his luggage arriving on the 7:20 flight. One tequila shot (him) and one Amstel Light (me) later, luggage successfully in hand, we hop in the towncar on the way to the lovely aforementioned Disney Dolphin. I’ll let Jamie tell you about my little accident in baggage claim.

Check in… quick freshening up… and we’re off to meet the soon to be newlyweds for dinner. I am, at this point, starving, having only eaten an airplane turkey wrap and a bag of mini-pretzels. Norm and Vicky are, I think, on some sort of wedding adrenaline rush (who can blame them?), as they seem to have boundless energy. They also have an insane amount of stories, many of which Jamie already seems to know. These are the things I miss out on by living 3000 miles away. Dinner was fantastic, at a buffet-style restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Lodge called Boma. Most of the food was “exotic,” african-inspired, and… surprising. (Tangent … I’m starting to see how blogging really encourages you to spill the minutae of your life. Weirdly self indulgent.) There was a lot of meat. A lot.

“That’s what SHE said…”

Jamie seems to be on a “That’s what she said” kick. I don’t know where gutter minded, tequila guzzling Jamie came from, but he’s pretty entertaining.

Fast forward to lots of nice conversation at dinner, and back into the room at about 11:30. Vicky wants to meet us at 6:55 for breakfast so that we can make it over to Magic Kingdom for the special resort-guest early entrance time of 8AM. Yeah, that’s how we roll…

This give me exactly 15 minutes until Jamie’s back from the gym, and 30 min or so til we have to go downstairs. I’m gonna have to wrap it up. For those of you who are wondering about the state of Jamie’s innocence, you’ll be pleased to know that there ARE indeed two beds in the room, and we have, of yet, kept to our own.

And also, Jamie doesn’t snore. Which is awesome.

Thanks for indulging me, maybe we’ll meet again soon.


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