What a weekend!

Obviously, I’ve been busy and having a great time because I really haven’t had a chance to post in several days. I’m going to work on back-posting all about my adventure at Disney World and Norm and Vicky’s wedding this evening. Those of you who read my blog on your friends page may not see these posts on your friends page because back-dated posts don’t show up on friends pages for some reason. But you can go directly to my blog later this evening to see them.

Right now, I’m sitting at gate 46 at Orlando International Airport, making use of their free wireless. The flight boards in about 40 minutes and should be on time. A lot different from what happened on Wednesday (about which I will say more later).

I had just an incredibly fun time here, so much so that I’m really sad to leave this morning. Aside from the great location, great weather and the fact that it was Norm and Vicky’s wedding, it was just so much fun to be able to hang out with so many of my good friends for four days. We had a blast, lots of laugh, kept up a steady stream of activities, and it was so good to see everyone. Right now, I feel like I used to feel after spending some time in New York with my Grandparents and it was time for me to return home.

Tomorrow I return to work, but I’m trying to enjoy the rest of the day today as much as I can. I’m hopeful that I will be back home (in the house) before 5 PM, which will give me some time to do laundry and some other chores and errands, and I can still get to bed by 8:30.

So, look for my back-posts of this awesome weekend. And for pictures too. I forgot the charger for my new camera, but everyone else was taking pictures and I will provide links as soon as they are available.


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