Home! Sweet! Home!

My vacation ended shortly after 5 PM yesterday when I arrived home from the airport. I was up at about 8:30 AM and Lisa and I headed out for a walk around the Boardwalk, enjoying the bright, warm Florida sunshine once more before having to head home. We decided to stop in at Norm and Vicky’s hotel, the Beach Club resort, for breakfast, and as it turns out, it was a character breakfast, meaning that there were Disney characters floating around, visiting tables, and make young, 30-something children smile. The table at which we sat had crayons and you could draw and color on the paper surface. Lisa wrote that she wanted Goofy to visit her. Shortly thereafter:

She also wrote that I had a big crush on Minnie Mouse and it wasn’t long after she wrote that that this happened:

After breakfast we made our way back to the hotel where I finished packing and then waited around until 11:30 when the car to the airport picked me up.

The trip home was uneventful, except for the fact that Norm’s brother, Scott and his girlfriend Meredith were on my flight to Dulles (from which they were connecting to a flight home in Sacramento). When I got home, I had a message from Norm saying that they had arrived in L.A. and that Vicky was feeling much better and they were going to to continue on to Bora Bora as scheduled, which was great news.

I had a bunch of mail to go through, including two packages. Turns out I had several birthday cards and gifts from friends. I had a card from Bonnie and Tom, and a card from my financial advisor. strausmouse and rmstraus sent me a DVD set of Magnum P.I. which is one of my favorite shows of all-time. Dan and Megan sent me this awesome boxed-set, shaped like a baseball base called The All-American Baseball Box which contains a bunch of CDs of famous baseball songs, speeches, skits, you name it. It is totally cool!

I spent time doing laundry and unpacking and didn’t get to bed until nearly 10 PM. I decided to go the gym at lunch today instead of this morning in order to get some extra sleep. Poor Lisa’s flight was delayed out of Orlando and she didn’t get home until close to 1 AM.

This trip, and the cards and gifts I had waiting for me, really made me think about just how lucky I am to have so many great friends: A.J., Andy, Dan, Eric, Lisa, Mandy, Megan, Norm, Ryane, Vicky. I’m not sure what I did to deserve friends like these, but I’ll take ’em any day of the week.

(P.S.: Lisa gets credit for suggesting the new userpic.)


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