Workout #80 (Cardio)

I’m giving the lunch workouts a try this week and I continued with that today. I finally managed to get back to a full cardio workout (40 minutes) rather than a partial workout. I didn’t have time to do any lower body afterward because I have a meeting at 1 PM (in 5 minutes). But I did pretty good on cardio.

40 minutes on the elliptical. I burned 587 calories, went a distance of 3.14 (“pi”) miles and maintained a pace of 82 RPM with a peak of 100 RPM. It felt good.

The one minor snag was that I forgot a gym shirt so I had to do my workout in my t-shirt that I wore to work. Which, of course, means that after I showered, I had to put that sweaty t-shirt back on, and indeed, I’m wearing it now.

I have my last workout with Bernard tomorrow afternoon.


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