To New York!

I’m heading up to New York this weekend to see Norm and Vicky of vickyandnorm fame, now that they are back from their honeymoon. In a crazy coincidence, they are having their church wedding (convalidation ceremony) on Saturday so I will be there to attend that. This means that in the space of three weeks, I will have attended two of Norm and Vicky’s weddings.

I’m driving up and although my car is running fine, it’s getting up there in years (much as I am) and I’m growing more hesitant to take it on long drives. So I rented a nice car for the drive up to New York this weekend. And by “nice”, I mean a car with a radio (which mine doesn’t have), power locks and windows (which mine doesn’t have), 6 cylinders (which mine doesn’t have), and cruise control (which mine doesn’t have).

It means that I will miss my first Oriole’s game of the season, but they are playing the Kansas City Royals and I wasn’t too enthusiastic about seeing Kansas City. Besides, the wife of a co-worker of mine is a Kansas City fan (go figure) and they may want the tickets. In any case, given the choice between the O’s/Royals and seeing Norm and Vicky get married for a second time, I think I’d have to choose the latter. After all, the Oriole’s and Royals play each other several times this season; Norm and Vicky have only gotten married twice so far.


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