The power of positive thinking

I had a fairly productive day today and I have, to some extent, thank Norm and Vicky for that. They spent at least part of the weekend listening to me pour out my work sorrows in mawkish tones that I would have found unbearable were I listening to someone. But they put up with me and encouraged me to tackle the work day with a positive attitude. This I tried and the day went by quickly and I was able to get a good deal of work done. So thank you, vickyandnorm!

I had to take the rental car back this morning so I got to work a little later than usual. The rental car place is in Silver Spring so I drove there, dropped off the car and took the red line to the yellow line into work. Very efficient, but it meant that I had to walk home from the metro station this evening in a light rain and strong winds. I didn’t really mind, however.


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