Move, wedding and Readercon updates

More progress on move and wedding stuff yesterday:

Moving progress

  • We went over to the new place last night and paid the pet deposit and pro-rated rent for July. We also requested to get the keys a day early so we get them on Friday, July 25, which means we can get an earlier start on Saturday. Also gave them the proof of insurance and account numbers for various utilities that they needed.
  • Confirmed the cable setup for Monday, July 28.
  • Setup automated rent payments so that we don’t have to think about this–very convenient.

Wedding progress

  • I think I mentioned that Kelly took care of the flowers over the weekend.
  • I called the place where we are having our rehearsal dinner and booked a reservation for 7 PM on Friday, October 10. I have to fax them a contract and will do that over the next couple of days.


  • I opted to rent a car in Boston because the cost the rental and the cost of a taxi t the hotel were more or less a wash, and the rental car gives me more flexibility.
  • I still haven’t picked out all of my sessions, but I plan on doing that this evening. I have to cram in as much as I can in the two days that I will be there.


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