The sound of panting

[Posted on April 20th because of problems accessing LJ last night.]

Whew! It was one busy day today. All week I’ve been preparing for an important training session that I was running today for software that I have been developing for one of our research divisions. Today was training day. It went well, but I’m glad it’s over. I woke up this morning with the same nervous feeling I had when I was six years old and had to attend a doctors appointment at which I knew I’d be getting a shot of some kind. Through the entire morning, I kept telling myself, before you know it, it will be 6 PM and the training will be all over.

The training began at 1 PM and by 3 PM, it was over. It went well, particularly since it involved hands-on training across multiple platforms and browsers. The feedback was positive. There were a few bugs but the software has just gone into formal testing and it is my hope that it can be released to production a week from now.

So it was with a feeling of great relief that I rode the train home last night. I had been building up more and more steam all week, working toward this and I was glad to finally be done with it. I keep a detailed log of what I do each day at work, and for those interested in just how busy I was this week, you can check out the log behind the cut below.)

== 19 April 2007 ==

* ARR: Bug fixes based on Pam’s initial testing:
** Fixed issue 2340
** Fixed issue 2341
** Fixed issue 2349
** Fixed issue 2342
** Fixed issue 2344
** Fixed issue 2343
* ARR: More interface cleanups
* ARR: Training prep for initial training session this afternoon
* ARR: Reviewer edit capabilities; added reviewer type also
* APP: Team meeting
* ARR: Arroyo APT Training

== 18 April 2007 ==

* Jason’s birthday
* Major shoulder pain this morning in my left shoulder; I must have slept on it awkwardly or something
* CHM: Resolved HD0687448
* ARR: Completed validation of EditProjects.aspx -> Publication (basic add/update)
* ARR: Completed validation of EditProjects.aspx -> Pub Status History
** Included several hours of tracking down a lame date/time bug that turned out to be MY dumb mistake
* ARR: Arroyo APT team meeting
* MIS: DC Softball Kickoff Meeting

== 17 April 2007 ==

* NSR: Resolved HD0687500 (–> see issue ID 2326)
* CSP: Resolved HD0687501
* APP: Created 2 crystal reports for Tom and group to monitor IST Apps support requests
* CSP: Resolved HD0685383
* MIS: Completed Benefits survey
* ARR: Completed validation of EditProject.aspx -> Project Tasks
* ARR: Completed validation of EditProject.aspx -> Research Themes (hidden from application)
* ARR: Completed validation of EditProject.aspx -> Project News (hidden from application)
* ARR: Fixed a bug with the Project Report when it was complaining about an ‘Invalid Descriptor Index’ with the task subreport (had to convert NTEXT to VARCHAR to fix and I’m not too happy about that)
* CSP: Resolved HD0680382
* NSR: Resolved HD0687611 (–> see issue ID 2332 and 2333)
* SEC: Resolved HD0687620

== 16 April 2007 ==

* Arrived a little late due to delays on yellow line
* ARR: Reserved conference rooms for Arroyo training on Thursday
* ARR: Completed functional validation of EditProject.aspx -> Basic Information
* ARR: Completed validation of EditProject.aspx -> Project Sponsor
* SEC: Resolved HD0687395
* ARR: Completed functional validation of EditProject.aspx -> Project Description
* ARR: Partially completed functional validation of EditProject.aspx -> Project Tasks

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up a few groceries, including new toothpaste. I still had plenty of the old toothpaste, but I’ve grown to hate the particular flavor and needed something more familiar.

Once home, I purposely spent the evening relaxing on the couch in front of the TV. I didn’t feel like doing anything else and I felt I deserved the break. I tried to update my LiveJournal over a period of several hours but was, for some reason, unable to access the site.


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