Happy Birthday, Megan!

Today is Megan’s birthday and so a hearty happy birthday is in order:


I have now known Megan for nearly 15 years (which is close to half her life) and she is one of the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met. She reminds me of a dark-haired Meg Ryan, and Dan, of course, reminds me of Jim Carrey, which would make for an odd Hollywood couple, but which makes Dan and Megan one of the sweetest couples in the whole world. They have been married for more than 11 years now and they still act as though they were newlyweds.

And while they read this blog from time to time, neither ever lowers themselves to the point of making a post, no matter how much I bait them, but that’s okay, because I love them to death anyway.

Good old Bill Shakespeare is lucky enough to share his birthday with Megan, and so he is clearly in the finest of company. It is one of my biggest regrets that upon moving back east nearly five years ago, I rarely get to see them anymore.


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