More conventions

I figure I need some way of keeping up the momentum and so there are a few more conventions that I will be attending over the course of the rest of the year. (Although I do so with some trepidation, worried that however good they are, they cannot possibly beat my experience at Ravencon.)

Next on the list is Balticon where I will be attending at least part of the convention. While there I am mainly looking forward to meeting shunn whose story “Two Paths in the Forest Toulemonde” I read in 1994 and in my opinion was one of the best stories ever published in SCIENCE FICTION AGE; and whose currently a Hugo and Nebula Award nominee for his excellent novella, “Inclination.”

I would have loved to attend the 2007 World Science Fiction Convention in Japan, but it comes too close on the heels of my return from Europe and I just can’t work it out. The conventions is in Denver in 2008 and while that doesn’t sound quite as exciting as Japan, I do plan to attend.

I would also have liked to attend Readercon 18 in Burlington, MA, for the sole purpose of being able to meet up with mabfan, whose terrific novella, “Sanctuary” also happens to be a current Nebula nominee. Alas, I will be in Europe when that convention takes place.

I will, however, be attending the 2007 World Fantasy Convention. I was urged to attend this convention by Edmund Schubert because there tend to be more pros there. Once I saw the list of attendees, I could not resist, but as added inducement, it is taking place in Saratoga, New York, which is a stones throw from where strausmouse lives, so I’ll get to see him, Ryane and little Damian too. That convention takes place November 1-4. Among some of the attendees that will be there are a few I’ve already met: Robert J. Sawyer and David B. Coe. In addition, there are several people who I have wanted to meet for a long time, but never have: Joe Haldeman, Ellen Datlow, John Joseph Adams, and Gordon Van Gelder, to name a few.

That will bring the total to 3 conventions in 2007. It also helps to give me further focus. I’d like to get a lot more writing done and stories submitted by then.


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