A (windy) day at the Yard

Dad and I headed to Camden Yards at about 11 AM, getting to the ball park just after 11:30 AM. It was sunny but cool and very windy, and Dad was not dressed for the occasion. Our seats, which are usually perfect because they are in the shade, were much cooler and very windy; so much so that Dad really couldn’t sit still and had to spend a good portion of the game wandering around the stadium, looking for splashes of sunshine in which he could stand.

The highlight of the game for me came at 3:15 PM, when I received a text message from Doug that read: “The Yankees just announced they signed Clemen’s.” At first, I thought Doug might be having some fun with me. They was nothing about it on any of the boards at the stadium. But then I thought that he wouldn’t text me about it if he was joking (he would have called). And sure enough, when I got home, we discovered it was true.

It was a fun game. In the 7th inning, Bill, the usher for our section told us we could move down behind home plate and we sat in the sun for the rest of the game, which was nice. I kept score throughout the game. And although the Oriole’s lost, we had a good time.


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