Drinks with my old boss

Not old in years, you understand, but as in “past”. I had wall-to-wall meetings today and in and among them were the usual array of voicemail message. (A terrible invention, this Voicemail Beast, like a tiny demon that resides inside your phone sadistically ensuring that you get all of your messages!) However, one message, from my old boss, Eric, who has for several years now been at JPL, stood out. He was in town and wanted to get together for a beer.

And so, after my long day of meetings, Eric and I met up after work and headed over to Champps for beer and wings and spent three hours catching up, talking shop, vacations, you name it. It was great to see him again, and it reminded me of how lucky I was during those year (roughly 1998-2000) when he was my direct supervisor and very much a mentor to me.

It meant that I got home late tonight, which in turn means that I will be off to bed in a matter of minutes. But it was still lots of fun.


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