No Italian, no gym

I didn’t get up for the gym this morning. I wrote longer than I intended last night, which was good, but which kept me up later than I’d planned. I also owed Dan a phone call. Originally, I was going to call him at 8 PM and talk for half an hour. Instead, I called him close to 9:30 PM and talked for nearly an hour. It was 11 PM before I finally got into bed and given that the day had been particularly long and busy, the extra hour of sleep could help, so I slept in until 5:30 AM and don’t think I don’t feel guilty about it.

The writing last night (and the fact that I watched my TiVo’d episode of Heroes also kept me from doing any Italian lessons yesterday, although I was mumbling phrases to myself throughout the day.

I’m glad this is “season finale” week, for the most part. No new shows to watch, except on HBO and once those seasons are over, I’m done with TV for a while.


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