T-minus 33 hours and counting

Hours since I have slept: 1

Thus begins the countdown to my departure to Europe tomorrow. And thus also begins the counting of how many hours I have gone without sleep. My plan is pretty simple. From this point forward, I don’t plan on sleeping until I get on the plane tomorrow evening. After I get on the plane and eat some dinner, I plan on trying to get 6-7 hours worth of decent sleep. This way, by the time I get to Venice, I will have forced myself into a schedule 6 hours ahead of what I am now. I figure it will actually take two days. I’ll be pretty tired Tuesday evening and therefore be able to get a good night’s sleep then as well, leaving me in tip-top form for when we board the ship on Wednesday.

Each of my posts between now and when I get on the plane tomorrow evening will start off with how many hours it has been since I’ve slept so that you can follow along on this adventure with me. Since I woke up at about 7:45 this morning, it’s been about 1 hour so far.

I did get a good deal of my packing done last night. I still have more to do today but the bulk of it is done at this point. I’ve got some more chores to do and errands to run. And I’ve got the Orioles/Angels game to go to later this afternoon. But there is really only one good way to start a 36-hour long day: with breakfast! So I’m off to IHOP to get something to eat.


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