Heading off to the ballgame

Hours since I have slept: 4

I’m about to head off to the Orioles/Angels game. I spent most of the morning nearly completing my travel binder, which has everything I need in it at this point. It’s divided into 8 sections: (1) Air Travel; (2) Venice; (3) Cruise; (4) Rome; (5) London; (6) Customs (copies of receipts for stuff like my laptop and iPod, as well as a photocopy of my passport); (7) Reference (important phone numbers as well as photocopies of the front/back of my drivers license, credit cards and medical insurance card; (8) Consular (the most current consular information for Rome, Greece, and the UK).

I also registered my trip with the State Department.

It’s a beautiful day for baseball today; I’m heading out to enjoy the game.


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