July 2, 1997

I was thinking that this is my first trip to Europe and that I can remember, when I was younger, wondering when I would end up getting there. So I decided to look back through my diaries and see what I was doing 10 years ago today, July 2, 1997. I don’t think Europe was on my mind at all back then:

Today was another day that I felt somewhat overwhelmed. I have a lot to do today but couldn’t really focus on any one things.

Doug called me at work today and he is doing pretty well. He is the first person in the history of the Debois County Dragons to be ejected from a game–for arguing a call*. But he was in good humor and it was good to hear from him.

I made my lunch again tonight which means a full week (though this is a short week) of packing my lunch. That’s not bad, and it helps save money.

*You’ll have to ask Doug to tell the story sometime, as it is a funny one, and typical of Doug. Better yet, maybe Doug will reply and post a comment telling the story here.


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