Bridled and sadled and ready to go

Well, I’m all set. With the exception of a few things I can’t do until I leave the house (lock the doors, turn off the computers, etc.), everything on my checklist is now complete.

This morning, on the advice of kruppenheimer, I scanned my passport and sent it to myself in email. I already have a printed copy in addition to the actual passport, but now if I lose the printed copy, I have the electronic copy in email so I can get to it. Thanks, Lisa.

Thanks to everyone, actually, who gave me good ideas and tips for traveling abroad. I’m sure it will make my trip easier and stress-free.

I still have a few more work-related tasks to complete, including a meeting in half an hour. But after that I’m done. The car to the airport should be here at 1:30 and if all goes well, I hope to be through security and at the Red Carpet lounge by 3 PM.



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