The woman with a thousand hands

Written at about 11:30 PM local time

I had my third massage of my trip this afternoon and it was by far the best massage I’ve had in my life. The woman who did it was really, really good at what she did and made the whole thing completely relaxing. Once again, the 50 minute massage flew by but this time I was really able to relax and enjoy it. I had done chest and back strength training yesterday so asked her to concentrate on my lower back, which she did. But she also worked some kind of magic on the palms of my hands, to say nothing of my knee joints.

When the massage was all over, she told me that my body was in “excellent condition” (her words, not mine). Of course, this did for my ego what her hands did for my body, and whether she meant it or not, there was an extra spring in my step for the rest of the day.

And the good news is that she is scheduled to give me my fourth and final massage on Saturday afternoon.

Jen, Jason and I went to the Crown Grill for dinner tonight, and it was outstanding, but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow for descriptions as I am planning on calling it an early night tonight.


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