A critical softball game

This evening’s softball game, played in 100-degree heat and humidity, was a critical one. Winning it would assure us a playoff spot. And win we did. The final score was 20-13 and our team really came through, including strong offense in the first inning (scoring 9 runs and batting around) and solid defense in the later innings to keep the other team from scoring.

I’m really impressed with our team this year. There are several “core” players who’ve been with us from the start, through years of losing season (last season we didn’t win a game). But something gelled this year and that, coupled with the new players have made our team really competitive.

Our record is now 6-1 with two games remaining, both of them next week. One game is against a team with a pretty bad record. The other is against an undefeated team. Of course, I’d like to win both, but no matter what happens, this has been a great season. We think the all-day playoffs will be held on September 8th, but we’re not 100% certain about that. More on that later.


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