Yesterday’s softball game (14-18 loss)

This was a much closer game than the final score let on. First, we had a field on the Mall, now that the Folk Life festival had packed up and left. Second, I played much better this week than last week. I only had a handful of chances at shortstop, but I made no errors yesterday. I had a couple of ground balls, and two pop-ups, one easy one, and one that I had to dash into short left field for to make the catch.

Hitting I went 1-for-4, with a single, but I was swinging the bat great. Three long, deep hits to left center, two of which were nabbed on outstanding diving catches by the center fielder. I also popped one up to third base.

The score was close, and essentially tied going into the 6th inning, with a score of 6-6 (which is low for softball, and shows that both teams were playing good defense). After 6 innings the score was 9-11, we were down by two doing into the top of the 7th. In that inning, the other team let loose with a barrage of deep home runs and made the score 9-18. We were home team and came up to bat in the bottom of the 7th. I led off with a towering drive to deep left center that was caught on the run by the center fielder (I was rounding second base when he caught it). But the team rallied and we managed to get in 5 runs before hitting into the final out of the game. The final score was 14-18. With the exception of that 7th inning, it was the closest game we’ve played since our 5-3 extra-inning win last year.


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