We won our 3rd softball game last night–in extra innings!

Last night was the most incredible game I’d ever played in. Not only did the game go into extra innings (we were playing one of the best teams in the league), but the game was all defense. We won in the 8th inning with a final score 5-3. (No, you are not seeing things; that really was a softball score.)

It was all about defense yesterday and our team could do no wrong. I am no wrong. Anything hit to the outfield was a virtual automatic out. And just about anything hit to the infield was gobbled up. I couldn’t believe how well I played at short, with 4 “web-gem”-like plays:

Somewhere in the 3rd or 4th inning, me and our ace first baseman executed a textbook 3-6-3 double play.

In the 7th inning, with the score tied, I made a Derek Jeter-like running catch into left field catching the ball in fair territory, and then nearly running into the street. I couldn’t believe my range.

Possibly the play of the game came in the bottom of the 8th when a sharp ground balls was hit between me and third. I ranged over and then skidded down on my knees to get the ball. And then from my knees, gunned a throw to first to get the runner. When the play was over, our first baseman stepped off the base and said, “I don’t believe what I just saw!” (I tore up my right knees in the process, so it was all bloody, but I was okay.)

The final out of the game was a line drive over my head, which I jumped up for and got enough glove on it to make the catch.

But everyone on the team–everyone–was making plays like that all game long. I haven’t felt that much excitement in playing sports–edge of your seat thrills–in I don’t know how long.

Our team is now 3-1 and is off to the best start (and best record) ever by a team in this office. And we’ve got 5 more games to play.


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