Call me a hypocrite!

Well, there’s no point in beating around the bush so I’ll just come out and say it:

I am the proud owner of a new iPhone.

I feel rather like a hypocrite. I have said on many occasions to numerous people that as cool as I thought the iPhone was, I just never wanted to be that connected. The truth is circumstance and practicality conspired against me. Let me explain:

Three things made this a practical decision. First, I’ve been wanting a new phone for a while. My RAZR, while nice, is getting scratched up, bumped up, and let’s be honest, old technology. I’ve looked around at various phones, but held back. Second, I’ve been wanting a PDA. Recently, I’ve been looking at PalmPilot’s, Blackberries and various tools that I could use for managing contacts, calendars and lists on the go. Third, as I mentioned, I’m re-reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done with the idea in mind that I’m really going to give his methods a try this time. They worked pretty well for me the first time around, but I didn’t implement the whole system. Now I’m giving that a shot. Part of the system is a mechanism for keeping your calendar and “action lists” available with you. Thus the PDA.

Well, carrying 3 different devices is ridiculous. I don’t want to lug around an iPod and a cell phone, and a PDA. That’s crazy. Also, at home at least, I completely converted to the Mac back in 2004, so I needed something that would work with Macs. The answer was the iPhone. For the price I would have paid for a new PDA and a new cell phone, I got the 8 GB iPhone. It took 8 minutes to activate and I’ve already made a call with it. It is connected to my wireless network. I’ve downloaded some music and videos to it. I’ve already tried reading email on it and it works like a charm. And, its integration with AT&T’s EDGE network is included in the monthly fee, so even when I’m not on WI-FI, I can still read email and browse the web.

In fact, I’ve done about everything with it I can thus far, except post to this blog. But believe me, before the week is out I’m sure I will have done that too.

So call me a hypocrite. I deserve it. But I have my new little toy and I’m happy with it.


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