I had a fairly productive work day today and that felt good. Tomorrow, I’ll be in meetings for much of my work day.

I ran over to the bookstore today to see if they had the August issue of Locus in yet, but they didn’t. While there, I did a bit of browsing and added two more books to my list of books to read: (1) Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and The Reagan Diaries. This last deserves a brief explanation. Those who know me know that I am not a fan of Ronald Reagan’s politics. But I have a fascination with diaries that seems to get the best of me. I skimmed the book and it does look interesting. I think that when (some) diaries are kept, there is a questions as to who (if anyone) will ever read them. (I’m sure there’s no question when it comes to my own diaries–unless you consider this blog.) Even so, it is a place that reveals the non-public, non-persona thoughts of public figures. After they are dead, the information revealed, while perhaps not flattering, takes on a new light. So eventually, I’ll get a hold of that book and end up reading it. At any event, it’s on the list.

TiVo recorded the 2-hour Dustin Hoffman episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio from 2006. I’d never seen it before but it was a great episode. One of the better ones that I have seen.

I wrote about 1,000 words this evening, still feeling pretty good about it. At this point, I’m just trying to finish the story and decide whether or not to end it the way I originally intended, or to alter the ending somewhat. I’ll wait and see how the rest of the story goes.

I’m about 140 pages through Spook Country and I’m enjoying it.

Zeke appears to be doing well and that is a relief, although I still get anxious every time I see him go into the litter box. But he appears to be urinating without difficulty or discomfort.

As Doug pointed out in an earlier comment, Yankee great Phil Rizzuto has died. Growing up, I remember him best for the commercials he did for The Money Store.

I was watching the Yanks lose to Baltimore a little while ago. Their offense is hot enough that there is plenty of time for them to have a chance to come back, but I’m calling it an early night tonight. We have our last softball game of the year and it may mean the difference between first and second place. I want to get a good night’s rest.


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