Writing and reading

Fairly busy day at work today and I even managed to knock some things off my next actions lists, so I feel slightly accomplished.

I feel even more accomplished on the writing front. I just finished another 700 words of “If By Reason of Strength…” (bringing the total to 1,200 words) and it still feels like it’s moving pretty well. I’m pleased with what I’ve got and I’m at a good stopping point, a good jumping off point for tomorrow. I also jotted down a loose outline for a new story, one which I am currently calling “How To Build a Time Machine”, and tossed it into the idea folder to work on at a later date.

And speaking of time machines, I’m nearly halfway through The Best Time Travel Stories of All Time, which is good because it means I should finish up by Thursday or so. When I got home from work, the books I’d ordered from Amazon were waiting for me: The Road by Cormac McCarthy, Brasyl by ianmcdonald, and The Reagan Diaries edited by Douglas Brinkley. More than likely, it will be The Reagan Diaries that I take with me to Morro Bay this weekend.

Important Yankees/Red Sox series starts tonight, although it’s not televised here. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to see a game.


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