Feelin’ groovy

Despite sleeping in until nearly 2 PM yesterday, I was back in bed around 7 PM, and read for an hour or so before turning out the lights and going to sleep. I actually slept well, except around midnight, when I woke up coughing and with a dry throat and tossed and turning for half an hour or so before getting back to sleep.

I feel better this morning, although my head is stuffed. I got caught up on email when I got into the office. I’ve got a quarter of my day in meetings today, which isn’t too bad (Friday is worse–I’ve got 3/8ths of my day in meetings–which is weird for a Friday).

I’m 180 pages through The Reagan Diaries, having stopped on Friday, September 16, 1983.

Looks like we’ll have a good roster for our softball playoff games on Saturday. First game is at 8:30 AM and we’ve got 16 confirmed on the roster which means at least 5 subs. We’ve got a practice scheduled at lunch tomorrow.


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