Late night, early gym

I got home pretty late last night and didn’t end up getting to sleep until sometime around 1 AM. Nevertheless, I was up just before 4:20 this morning and for the second day in a row, I made it into the gym. Today I did cardio. I didn’t do the full 40 minutes, but I’m gradually working my way back up to that. I did about 25 minutes today; I’ll aim for 30 minutes on Thursday. Strangely, I got to the metro station this morning before it had opened. That’s the first time I’ve done that, I think.

I didn’t see any of the baseball scores until first thing this morning, and I was pleased to note that not only did the Yankees win, but the Red Sox lost and so did Detroit. The Yanks are now 3-1/2 games back of Boston in the division race, and 3-1/2 games ahead of Detroit in the wild card.

Walking back from the gym to the office this morning, I actually saw a woman talking on a pay phone!


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