And the productivity keeps on coming

The first four hours of the day today were once again extremely productive. Here is an excerpt from my work logbook on what I managed to get done between 6:30 AM and 10:22 AM:

  • OPT: Documented project delete functionality in wiki (~0.3 hrs)
  • CSC 1.5: Updated project wiki site (~0.5 hrs)
  • RoomTracker Support:
    • Fixed an issue for [Customer] regarding his default location (~0.2 hrs)
    • Began investigating how the import script works but can’t find the SSSI package (~0.3 hrs)
    • Added new STE equipment service to RoomTracker (~0.1 hrs)
  • [Unit] APT Support: Bug fixing (~2.0 hrs):
    • Fixed issue 2829: Action officer automatically chosen
    • Fixed issue 2830: Task number is pulled in when PUIC is blank
    • Fixed issue 2832: Deliverable reports page misbranded
    • Fixed issue 2836: Deliverable reports exception
    • Fixed issue 2837: Include past-due deliverables in deliverable summary
    • Fixed issue 2838: Add program to search results
    • Fixed issue 2839: Problem sorting deliverable due list
    • Fixed issue 2834: Bug in updating research objective

I have a meeting in half an hour. Later this afternoon I am participating in our Recreation Committees haunted house. Should be fun.


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