Early morning writing

By the end of the day today, I need to be at around 11,000 words if I am to be on pace for NaNoWriMo. At present, I’m at 7,300 words and I really don’t want to get any farther behind than that.

I had a good session this morning, beginning at 6:30. I wrote just about 1,100 words. The total word count only went up about 500 words or so because I deleted about 500 words I wrote yesterday and rewrote the scene from a different, more interesting perspective. I know I’m not supposed to be doing much rewriting at this point, but I think this was necessary for continuity and making the scene work.

Incidentally, I love Scrivener, the application I’ve been using to write the novel. It keeps things very simple so that I can focus on my writing, and not worry about formatting. It’s got a feature that allows you to set session goals and monitor your progress, which has been helpful. Yesterday, I went ahead an purchased a full license for $34.99 and now have a full registered copy. I think I’m finally done with Microsoft Word for everything except final manuscript formatting. That alone is worth the cost of the license. But the software really is great. Those interested can download a fully functioning version for a 30-day trial. The only catch: the software is Mac-only.


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