Busy day today. I just finished a design meeting for a work project. Yes, it’s 8:30 PM–I was meeting with people in the Santa Monica office. At least I got to call into the meeting from home. As a matter of fact, it’s a lucky thing I left work when I did. My train may have been the last Yellow Line to get through the Pentagon station before it was closed down due to smoke in the station. That would have made it difficult for me to get home.

I did some more writing at lunch today (on “Situational Awareness”) and then sent some time on Graveyard Shift this evening before my meeting. All told, I wrote over 2,000 words today, but my NaNoWriMo total stands at about 7,000 words, 3,000 short of where I should be. Maybe I can do some catching up tomorrow.

Got the December issue of ASIMOV’S in the mail, as well as a subscription renewal reminder. Has it been three years already?

And it looks like I have plans for Christmas now!


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