NaNoWriMo 2012: Day 3 Progress Report

I had to get in my writing early today because Kelly and I are going out tonight. The whole family managed to sleep in until past 8am this morning, which may be a first. But Kelly decided to take the kids out to Gymboree at 9am and when they all left, I sat down to get in as much writing as I could. I managed another 90 minutes or so of writing, adding 1,950 words to my total and bringing my 3-day total to 5,893 words. Here are my official Day 3 stats:

NaNoWriMo Day 3.png

It is possible that I will get more writing in this afternoon when the kids are napping. If the opportunity arises, I’m certainly going to take it. But even if it doesn’t, I’ve gone beyond my quota for three straight days now and that feels pretty good. I also feel good about what I wrote today, and I once again left off at a point that I am eager to pick up.

And now, I have to dash off and meet the family at the local playground. Here I am just after finishing my writing session this morning:


How’s everyone else faring today?


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