NaNoWriMo 2012: Day 2 Progress Report

Today’s writing session was much better than yesterday’s, not in terms of quantity, but definitely in terms of pace and quality. In 90 minute, I managed to add nearly 1,800 words, 300 short of yesterday’s mark, but still above pace. Better still, I worked steadily and deliberately and I think the result is a scene whose voice and tone is much closer to what I was aiming for than what I wrote yesterday. My work today officially amounted to 1,791 words, giving me a 2-day total of 3,943 words. Here are my official Day 2 stats:

NaNoWriMo Day 2.png

I completed a scene tonight and left off at a point at which I am eager to get started on tomorrow. Tomorrow’s writing session will be earlier in the day, probably while the Little Man naps, because tomorrow evening, Kelly and I are going out, first to dinner and then to a party. By the time we get back it will be late and I doubt I’ll be in any shape to write. As it stands, I wrote this evening, having not slept for well over 36 hours–for some reason, after writing last night, I couldn’t get to sleep. No matter what I tried, I tossed and turned until it was time to get up and go to work.

But I made it through, and I’m eager to get started on the scene tomorrow. I’m not sure I’ll complete that scene tomorrow, as my plan for it is somewhat extensive, but it will be fun to get started.

Here I am, immediately after completing tonight’s writing session. (I wore my Superman shirt especially for the occasion):


How did your second day go? Any problems? Any breakthroughs?


  1. 1,768. I thought it was going to be nicely north of 2,000, but I realized I’d left in a list of questions I jotted down last night while trying to get to sleep. (Like you, I didn’t sleep well last night.)

    I spent today’s sessions inside one of my character’s very bad days, and a little alarmed that some of his rants made him sound like Bishop from /Fringe/. (I’m more alarmed that I recognized the character, since I’ve only seen a few episodes of the show.)

  2. I’m having trouble with tense when talking about things in general. The story is a dragon story, so I’m finding that I waffle between sentences like, “Even large dragons need sweaters” (present tense) and, “Dragons were more likely to be cold” (past tense). I feel like I should pick a tense and stick with it, but I’m not sure if there’s a rule covering that or if it’s a gut-feeling kind of decision.

    My characters are getting a little more defined and so is the problem they’re facing. I started with a very rough outline and some character ideas, but they’ve stayed fluid as the characters and the story develop, and that’s been a good thing, I think.

    As you suggested, I’m starting to build a little extra into my daily word-count. I’m not getting as fancy as a real time-line, but it’s nice to have some wiggle room at the end of the day, and the wiggle room adds up nicely.

  3. Great going. After a good first day start (2,387) I managed to do 0 on day 2. Hoping to do a bit of catch up,at the weekend.


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