My 5,000th Blog Post

Hard as it is for me to believe, this is my 5,000th blog post. I started blogging regular way back at the end of 2005, and is has taken me close to 7 years (with some small gaps in between) to accumulate 5,000 posts. But looking back over the years, it is a quite an array of posts, and some pretty good documentation of my life over those 7 years.

In case you were wondering, those 5,000 posts amount to 1,583,943 words, which averages to about 325 words/post.

I’m deeply ensconced in NaNoWriMo this month and I didn’t plan on anything special for my 5,000th post–other than to call it to your attention. So let me just say, once again, how grateful I am to the readers who take a few minutes out of their day to drop by and read what I write. And thanks also to those who go above and beyond and a leave a comment or provide other feedback on the blog.

I wonder how long it will take me to write the next 5,000 posts?


  1. Go, Jamie! I don’t know which is more impressive to me — that you hit the 5000th post or that you know that you did it. I would undoubtedly forget how to log into my blog!

    No, seriously, outstanding!


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