The last two mornings I have been extremely focused at work. This morning, for instance, I tossed my backpack on my meeting table chair, sat down at the computer, and without prelude, started right in on a number of tasks I wanted to get done. I worked for nearly 4 hours straight, with the office door closed and barely taking a breath.

When I finally came up for air, it was after 10 AM and I was hungry. I ran down to the mall to get some food, passing by the Santa booth as I did. I noticed that Santa was just sitting there by himself. It was too early for the crowds, so I suppose he was killing time. Hey must have noticed me looking, and noticed my focused countenance, for he tilted his head slightly, smiled, and waved at me.

Well, that made me smile at once. A grinned and waved back at him. The entire time I stood in line to get my food I was smiling. Twenty minutes later I am still smiling.


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