NaNoWriMo wrapup

I forgot to post the results of my first ever NaNoWriMo efforts. The contest ended on November 30 and I did not win. However, I finished with just about 23,000 words of my first-ever attempt at a novel. That’s more than I’ve ever written in a single month before (and 3 times as long as my story that appeared in Intergalactic Medicine Show). And I’m not stopping there. Based on my outline, the novel should be roughly 90,000 words when it is completed. I’m aiming for 30,000 words this month and 30,000 words in January. Then a few months to put together the final draft. And I’m going to try and submit the novel around my birthday at the end of March. More on that later.

I am taking a short break from the novel (I’m kind of stuck on a part right now and I’m going to work on something else to shake things loose). Back at Capclave, I participated in a writing workshop, for part of which we had to write a 100 word hook to a story and then have it critiqued by the panel. Mine was fairly well received. I’m now expanding that hook into a complete short story. I don’t have a good feel for the length yet but I’m gathering somewhere between 5,000 – 8,000 words. I’ll spend a few days on it and see where I am.

Should be a bit easier to find the time now that I’ve sworn off TV (at least when I’m home alone).


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