When you say 11 AM…

I found a good breaking point in my tasks this morning–enough time to squeeze in the haircut I neglected to get yesterday. I went down to the salon in the mall and was told to come back at 11 AM. They took my name and put me in the appointment book.

I was back at 10:59 AM.

I was finally ushered to the chair at 11:15 AM. I was seething and the only thing that calmed me was that the person cutting my hair was very apologetic and thanked me for my patience. There’s almost nothing that drives me at batty as when I’m asked to be somewhere at a specific time and then find that the person I’m supposed to meet is late. Certainly there are exigencies which are completely understandable. But that doesn’t change that facts that it is one the few things that really bugs me.

In any event, I got my hair cut. A little shorter than I originally intended, but that’s okay. It’s much better than what it was.


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